The 100 Different Types of Noodles
If you love noodles, you're in for a treat! From ramen to spaghetti, noodles are a staple food in cultures all around the world. Explore the amazing diversity of noodles and learn new and exciting ways to prepare and enjoy them.
Tonkatsu Ramen
Rich, creamy, and flavorful. The broth is made from pork bones, soy sauce, and other seasonings. Toppings include chashu (braised pork), scallions, and a soft-boiled egg.
Miso Ramen
Known for its robust and hearty flavor. The broth is made from miso paste, soy sauce, and dashi. Popular toppings include corn, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots.
Shoyu Ramen
A classic Japanese dish. The broth is made from soy sauce, meat, and vegetables. Toppings include seaweed, narutomaki (fish cake), and menma (bamboo shoots).
Rating: 14 / 10
Kitsune Udon
Udon noodles in a hot dashi broth with sweet and savory deep-fried tofu (kitsune). Simple but satisfying.
Niku Udon
Udon noodles in a hot dashi broth with thinly sliced beef and green onions. Perfect for colder weather.
Zaru Udon
Cold udon noodles served with a dipping sauce (tsuyu) made of soy sauce, mirin, and dashi. A refreshing dish for summer.
Bukkake Udon
Udon noodles served in a thick and sticky broth made from soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Toppings include grated daikon, green onion, and grated ginger.
Rating: 11 / 10
Nutty and earthy. A bit bitter but not overpowering. The taste of soba varies depending on how it's made and served.
Firm and chewy. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and wheat flour, giving them their unique texture and flavor.
Sauce Compatibility
Works well with soy sauce-based dipping sauces and broths. Can also be served with cold dipping sauces (tsuyu).
Ease of Preparation
Soba noodles cook quickly and are easy to prepare. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.
Rating: 12 / 10
Spaghetti and Meatballs
A classic Italian-American dish. Spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce and meatballs. Comforting and satisfying.
Garlic Spaghetti
Simple yet delicious. Spaghetti noodles with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Fresh parsley and Parmesan cheese on top.
Pesto Spaghetti
Bright and flavorful. Spaghetti noodles with fresh basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, and pine nuts. A summer favorite.
Rating: 12 / 10


Linguine noodles work well with a variety of ingredients - from seafood to pesto to tomato sauce.


Firm and springy. Linguine noodles have a lighter texture than spaghetti noodles.


Sauce Compatibility
Good with thick and creamy sauces, as well as light olive oil-based sauces.


Value for Money
Linguine noodles are fairly inexpensive and a good choice if you're on a budget.
Rating: 11 / 10
Rich and buttery. The wide, flat noodles are perfect for soaking up creamy sauces.
Soft and silky. Fettuccine noodles are delicate and tender.
Sauce Compatibility
Traditionally served with Alfredo sauce, but also works well with creamy tomato sauce and meat sauces.
Rating: 10/ 10
Bun Cha
A Vietnamese dish made with grilled pork, rice vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, and dipping sauce. A refreshing and satisfying meal.
Pad Thai
A Thai stir-fried noodle dish with peanuts, lime, and vegetables. Vermicelli noodles give it a lighter texture than other noodle dishes.
Rice Paper Rolls
Healthy and delicious. Vermicelli noodles with fresh vegetables, herbs, and either pork, shrimp, or tofu. Served with a peanut dipping sauce.
Rating: 17 / 10
There you have it - a rundown of some of the most popular types of noodles and their subjective ratings. Whether you're a fan of ramen, spaghetti, or udon, there's a noodle out there for everyone. Now it's your turn to try them out and decide for yourself which ones are the best!
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